SGD-4 Trained Educator's Workshop Nov-Dec 2018

SDG4 Train the Educators Workshop

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Developing Educational Opportunities

UNESCOCFORGE 2018 International Education, Training & Leadership Conference

In addressing the 2030 Development Agenda successes, UNESCO emphasized that education is the major key to achieving the development agenda. This implies that efforts must be geared toward ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals are provided with operational tools to aid implementation success.

At 2016 World Teacher's Day, the UNESCO Chief noted that the road map for the new agenda, the Education 2030 Framework for Action, should highlight the fact that teachers are fundamental for equitable and quality education and, as such, must be "adequately trained, recruited and remunerated, motivated and supported within well-resourced, efficient and effectively governed systems.".

Post Third Education Solutions International Conference

Implementing Sustainable Development Goal-4

Education and Training Workshop

In furthering the Education Solutions initiative, the UNESCO Center for Global Education holds a three-day  International Conference,  Education ,Training and Workshop on " SDG-4 and Targets” as an initiative for the 2030 Development Agenda of the United Nations and the UNESCO" . The purpose is to develop concerns into an implementable outcome in encouraging the paradigm on education in countries to move towards sustainable global outcomes.

The Education, Training and Workshop on Education Solutions work annually to address the following:

• Educators Co-Op Model (ECM)—Developing the ECM to include the SDG-4 timeline, SDGs-5Ps (People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnership), infrastructures, teaching, and learning.

• Continuing Education Units—CEU approval to enable opportunities for teachers and education professional development certified training, Sustainable online/blended PDs to enable opportunities for teacher effectiveness and improved efficiency

• Volunteer Teachers & Internship—Build a network of retired teachers to lead guidance resource and student internships for schools in developing countries.

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• Teaming School Initiatives—Encourage school partnerships and build programs in support of School Teaming Initiative programs.

• Hands-On SDG-4 and Targets Training—Expand on training opportunities.

• Information Communication Technology ICTs to build border less network and facilitate innovative learning

• SDG-4 and targets training: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

• Research on innovative technology (ICTs) and learning approaches to address critical issues on education.

• Global/local partnerships as a CO-OP Model Initiative pilot strategy in implementing the quality and inclusive education for lifelong learning

2018 Third Education Solutions Launches

SDG-4 Global Teachers Classroom

@Education Solutions Stakeholders Dinner April 21, 2018, 6:30PM

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2018 Third Annual Education Solutions International Conference and Training